Sinus Cold Relief


How Can I Relieve my Sinus Colds?

sinus cleansing nasal washThere are many options for treating a sinus cold. Some of these options will provide temporary relief, while others can actually make the problem worse.

There are both natural and medicinal treatments for sinus colds, infections, and allergies. It is important to know if something is a rare infection or a chronic problem that requires some sort of daily treatment. There are antibiotics and other medicines that treat infection as well as nasal washes and other substances that focus on cleansing.


You Can use Over the Counter Medicines

You can go to the doctor and get a prescription. If you are like me and have chronic sinus trouble and allergies resulting in frequent colds, you can't go to the doctor every day. Plus, any medications will lose their effectiveness and heavy use can become dangerous if you buildup a tolerance. There are plenty of over the counter pills and remedies, but a lot of them have side effects.

I Decided to use a Neti Pot to help my sinus colds

Allergy pills and sinus medications have always caused a lot of side effects for me. I have had chronic allergies and sinus colds for as long as I can remember. I could take prescription medications, but they are of no use after awhile. All the over the counter pills end up making something else worse even if they do help the sinuses. I decided the best method for me was to clean my sinuses with a neti pot wash. See it here: The Neti Pot I Use




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